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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Review: Fyrinnae Liquid Matte Lipsticks

Hello Loves!

Today I have a makeup review, specifically a liquid lipstick! For once, I am not reviewing lashes. False lashes are relatively easy to review and I find that makeup is more difficult because it requires more time to test. Lashes are also probably easier to review because I have done it so many times. Time to welcome change :)

Today, I will be reviewing Fyrinnae Liquid Matte Lipsticks. The three colors, Warp Speed, Volcanic, and Desire are in newer packaging and what I also presume is a new formula. The other three colors, Wizardry, Kitten, and Graffiti are in older packaging and an older formula purchased on 3/2015.

All photos are unedited (minus cropping and watermarking) to best represent the color unless otherwise noted. Pictures are taken with a Canon Rebel T5i and a 5400K fluorescent ring light.

I have purchased all the products being reviewed.  All opinions are my own and I was not paid to say anything in this post.

The newer packaging has a double walled tube with a black cap and a doe foot applicator, and contains 5 mL (~0.17 oz) of product. The older packaging has a plastic tube with a silver cap and a doe foot applicator, and contains 9 mL (~0.33 oz) of product.

Below shows the packaging differences:
Packaging comparison: Left is old, right in new
New packaging
Old packaging
Yes, it leaks
Look how much bigger the opening is on the older packaging, its HUGE. I can see the product!

While I really enjoy the old packaging containing more product (better price to oz ratio: $12.50 for 0.33 oz), I significantly like the newer packaging over the old. The newer packaging feels a lot sturdier because a harder plastic is used compared to the old packaging. I also feel the new packaging helps with using less product because the stopper is a lot better with the new tube. With the old packaging, a lot of product (and I mean A LOT) would clog up on the applicator and you would have to scrap excess off every time. Even then, you could not prevent the wand having tons of product. The older packaging is definitely not as travel friendly either (I swear I remember product leaking out of the old packaging once...). Big two thumbs up on the packaging improvement!

Read on for swatches and the review!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Some of my more recent looks/FOTDs/EOTDs

Hello Loves,

It has been a while since I have done any sort of blog post. I have been spending a lot of time traveling since graduating college and haven't had the time or proper equipment to do any sort of tutorial or review. I thought to do a different post showcasing some of the looks that I have done recently. For any of those who follow me on my Instagram, you have most likely seen these. I usually keep looks to my Instagram but thought I would share on here for a change.

All the looks will include a product list to what I used. I will try my best to remember them to the best of my ability. If there is anything you want a tutorial on, leave a comment down below.

Keep on reading to see the looks and products I used!