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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Swatch and Haul: NYX Cosmetics 4th of July Sale with First Impressions

Hello Loves!

I bring you guys the makeup that I bought from NYX for their 4th of July sale (as the title suggests). Before I get onto to the goodies I have to tell you guys a story... a story about how insanely difficult it was for me to make a purchase not only during their sale but off their website in general. I guess this is my first impression for their customer service as well.

Alright, so NYX was holding a 40% off sale during the 4th of July (which is USA independence day) and I have been wanting to pick a few different things for a while. However, they did not prepare their web servers the for the mass influx that is savvy shoppers. I would try to buy what I want whenever I got home and went for this for maybe an hour at a time. No luck during the sale and it ended. Thankfully, NYX was awesome and provided me with a 40% code whenever I emailed them about having difficulty purchasing off the site. All things seem good, right?
NO. Ugh, I tried for at least a week to buy online and every single time I had an "invalid request," which I assume means my card does not want to process. I call NYX and they tell me to give it a day to try again because they are fixing their website. I try again the next day with no luck. What happened is that everything worked perfectly over the phone and my computer basically does not like the NYX website. This steers me away from ordering off the website because of how difficult it was to place an order.

Not related to customer service or ordering of NYX but... (prepare for a mild rant) FedEx takes FOREVER to get your packages to you. Grrrrrrr, dammit I want my stuff.
Alright, end rant. Let's continue.

Left to Right: Taupe Blush, Macaron Lippies in Orange Blossom, Earl Grey, Pistachio, Violet, and Lavender, Velvet Eye Pencil, and African Queen Mega Shine Gloss
Closeups and all sorts of swatches after the jump!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Review: KoKo Lashes in Risque

Hello Loves!

Another lash review. I have been really enjoying going through my lash purchase from... almost two months ago and gradually reviewing it for you. I have been loving wearing the lashes and really using what I have purchased. On the note of using what you purchased, have you ever bought something and then just forgot about it? I have a really bad tendency to do that with nail polishes. I will use them once and forget about it for a while. Ok Elle, don't go off on a random tangent.

Before the lash review, I recently purchased lash glue from House of Lashes and have plans on reviewing it. If I am wearing all these lashes, why not test lash glue? So look out for that sometime in the future.


Monday, July 7, 2014

Review: KoKo Lashes in Koko

Hello Loves!

More lashes! This pair that I am reviewing may be my favorite so far. I have Eylure lashes that I ADORE that are very similar to this style I am reviewing. However, the Eylure ones have a little bit of color depending on the style so its nice to have a basic black of this wispy pair of lashes. Because I have been meaning to use the KoKo lashes each time I do a makeup look to review them, I am growing to feel like a lot of my makeup looks are incomplete without lashes. Guys, once you try false lashes, you will get hooked! The pair of KoKo lashes I will be reviewing today is the "Koko" style.