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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Indie Spotlight: Performance Colors Lipstick Swatches

Hello Loves!

I thought recently how there are many fabulous brands that don't really get a lot of spotlight. We all know about the big brands that Sephora and Ulta carries but what about the small guys? That's where we come to indie makeup companies.

Indie makeup companies are often operated by a small number of people and I have started to dabble into it a couple of years ago. I have been hooked every since I purchased and loved what I got from Shiro Cosmetics. Since then, I have purchased from many other companies and now, I want to show off what I got to the world. Today, I will be swatching some lipsticks that my IMAM exchange partner got me from Performance Colors.

As of the time of the post, the shop is closed. Sad face :(

Swatches after the jump!

Performance Colors Valentine
Performance Colors Rumor
Performance Colors Vertigo

Performance Colors Vino

Performance Colors Zombie Bride

Performance Colors Zombie Bride with a black base (Lime Crime Black Velvet)
I really enjoy these lipsticks. They are pigmented and are comfortable to wear on the lips. The only few things I don't really enjoy is that they do transfer, which is to be expected, and don't have the best staying power for me. However, this is a first impression and this may change as I use them over time.

I hope you enjoyed these swatches!

Until next time,
Have a beautiful day!

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