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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Tutorial: Dawn Eyes Cosmetics Blue-Green and Purple Smokey Eye

Hello Loves!

I got some requests for a tutorial on this look I posted to Reddit and my Instagram. So, this post will show you how to do that look.

Here is the final look!

For those wondering, the blush is Hello Waffle Cosmetics June Bug and lips are Performance Colors Rumor lightly applied. 

Tutorial after the jump!

 All eyeshadows are from Dawn Eyes Cosmetics unless otherwise noted.

Add a transition color--preferably a matte, rosy neutral
BRUSHES USED: Hakuhodo J5522

Add a dark, matte rosy taupe precisely to the crease.
PRODUCTS USED: Dark Taupe Matte
BRUSHES USED: Hakuhodo J146

Blend a matte cranberry in the crease
Blend it less precisely than the dark taupe
PRODUCTS USED: Cranberry Matte
BRUSHES USED: MAC 222 (discontinued, Hakuhodo J146 is an alternative)

Blend the edges of cranberry color with a matte fuschia
PRODUCTS USED: Pale Fuschia Matte
BRUSHES USED: Hakuhodo J5523

Add a browbone highlight.
PRODUCTS USED: Either Inglot 351 or Anastasia Beverly Hills Vanilla

Add a sparkly blue green on the lid.
You can add a sticky base or dampen the brush before applying
BRUSHES USED: Ecotools Shading

Do some additional blending and color adding.
If it doesn't look like how you want, it can always be fixed later.

Add the dark taupe to the lower lashline, leaving out the inner corner
PRODUCTS USED: Dark Taupe Matte
BRUSHES USED: Chikuhodo Z-10

Blend out the lower lash line with a combo of the cranberry and fuchsia color
PRODUCTS USED: Cranberry and Pale Fuchsia Matte
BRUSHES USED: Hakuhodo J146
Optionally add a nude liner on the water line to open you eyes
Add mascara and your finished!

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and find it useful! If you recreate the look, I would love to see it on r/IMAM (requests that I got from Reddit) or on Instagram using my hashtag #pittpantherelle.

Until next time,
Have a beautiful day!

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