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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Review: Lena Lashes in Tina (from the Pin-Up Girl Collection)

Hello Loves!

Time to tackle one of Lena Lashes collection boxes. Today, I will be wearing one of the four styles out of their Pin Up Collection, specifically the style called Tina. This style jumped out to me because it reminds me a bit of one of my favorite lashes, Koko Lashes in Koko.

These lashes were sent as a press sample for possible review consideration. All opinions are my own and I was not paid to say anything in this post.

This collection comes in a magnetic black and red polka dot box with gold hearts that have the company name and names of the makeup artists who collaborated for this collection. The back of the box has the social media information of the company as well as the makeup artists. 

Within this box is the name of each lash on the top half and the bottom half contains the trays for each individual lash. A ribbon is attached to the bottom of the box to easily remove the trays. I found that the trays in this box are not secure and will easily come out on their own. This is definitely an unwelcome change compared to the boxes for a single pair of lashes.

The lashes I will be reviewing are on the bottom left.
Lena Lashes Tina close-up
Read on for the nitty-gritty about the lashes!

This is what the lashes looked pre and post trim:


Post-trim. ~1/3 cm cut off the outside.
These lashes were easy to apply, have a medium thickness band, and were lightweight. I waited around 20 seconds before I applied the lashes and they were easy to move around before I was satisfied with the placement. Mink lashes usually need to be cut quite a bit because they are made very long.

Below is the before and after pictures to show the effect of the lashes:

Before and After of Lena Lashes Tina

But the real test is...
The problem I have had with mink lashes in the past is that they shed hairs pretty easily. I feel like if you lose even a couple of hairs, it can compromise the look of the lashes. I have worn this pair twice and have removed them both times by pulling them off and using oil-free makeup remover. The lash lost quite a bit of mink fibers hairs (~10 per lash) and has caused the lash to look more sparse.

The following shows the wear of the lash after two uses:

The quality of the mink hairs were soft and felt like real lashes. These are great lashes for a night out or more dramatic everyday look. They add lots of length and wispiness to makeup looks. These lashes retail for $30 individual and $130 with the Pin-Up Girl Collection. This company often has sales (BOGO, B2G2, etc.) so you often do not have to pay full retail. If you want to splurge on a nice pair of lashes and prefer semi-dramatic styles, this pair is for you.

These lashes get a...


Easy application
Natural feeling (lightweight and soft hairs)

High retail price
Loose lash trays (not ideal for travel)

Most likely not just because mink lashes are too fragile for my needs.

Dupes/similar styles by other companies:
Velour Lashes "Got It From You Momma"
Flutter Lashes "Judy"
Blinking Beaute "No.2"

Reviews of other Lena Lashes styles:

If you wish to purchase any Lena Lashes, here is the link to the website. You can save money by using my code "pittpantherelle." This is an affiliate code and I do get a portion of the sale from it so use it if you wish.

Until next time,
Have a beautiful day!


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