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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Review: Lena Lashes in Claudia

Hello Loves!

Guys, my worst nightmare has come true. No, not an actual nightmare...
I mentioned in my first Lena Lashes review post something that has occurred to me before with mink lashes... let's just say it may have happened again.

I would describe the following video as an exaggerated but accurate way of how I felt after removing my lashes:

Ok, that aside, let's get onto the full detailed review!

Oh one last mention, I got a new camera (Canon Rebel T5i). Every picture will now be HHHHHHHD. That's pretty high def for ya.

All of the lashes I have received came in a white magnetic closure box with the company artwork on the outside and a clear viewing window to see the lash. Enclosed in the box are the lashes on a clear tray and a string so that the tray can be removed easily. The lash tray stayed secure if you flipped the box upside down.

I want to say that I really appreciate the lashes only being glued to the tray on the inner and outer corners. It made it significantly easier to remove from the box and prevented any damage to the lash.

The back of the box has their website, all the social media outlets, and contact information.

The label on the boxes were a bit inconsistent. I don't know if this had to do with it being a press sample but not of the boxes had properly labeled sides showing which style they were. Two of my boxes had a printed out labels on the side while the other two had them written out. This pair had a printed label.

This is what the lashes looked pre and post trim:

Cut off ~1/3 cm on the outside. Also cut off the nubs in the inside.

These lashes were easy to apply. These lashes have a thin band and were lightweight. I waited around 15-30 seconds before I applied the lashes and they were easy to move around before I was satisfied with the placement. I used a new lash glue with these lashes! I have been starting to use House of Lashes Lash Glue and gotta say, pretty nice so far. Mink lashes usually need to be cut quite a bit because they are made very long.

Below is the before and after pictures to show the effect of the lashes:

 (Psssst, the Loreal Butterfly Mascara is a no-no. That's that clumpy mascara I used there)


But the real test is...
The problem I have had with mink lashes in the past is that they shed hairs pretty easily. I feel like if you lose even a couple of hairs, it can compromise the look of the lashes. I have worn this pair ONCE and the following happen (brace yourselves!):

THE RAW CARNAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is that hard to see? Wait wait wait, lemme zoom in for you:

All those shedded hairs DX

You know what that is? My tears. It has happened AGAIN! The left lash has shed soooooooo much after one use. I need to know why my false lashes just don't like me. I would guess that approximately 10-20 hairs have been lost and the picture does not show everything I have seen.

The following shows the wear of the lashes after its one lonely use:

Only one picture is needed. Look at that left lash! It kills me.

The quality of the mink hairs were soft and felt like real lashes. These are great lashes for a dramatic night out. They flare out nicely on the ends and pair well with winged liners or looks focusing on the outer corner. These lashes retail for $30 on their own or come in a set of 4 lashes for $150, but this company often has sales (BOGO, B2G2, etc.). If you want to splurge on a nice pair of dramatic lashes, this pair is for you. It truly hurts me inside because they are SO beautiful and photograph so well but performed poorly.

These lashes get a...


Sturdy packaging
Lash not over-glued to tray
Easy application
Natural feeling (lightweight and soft hairs)

Very Fragile
Sheds easily
Higher retail price
Currently hard to get (out of stock, only available in sets)

Short Answer: No.


I will not spend my hard earned money for expensive, one-use false lashes.

Dupes/similar styles by other companies:

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Reviews of other Lena Lashes styles:

If you wish to purchase any Lena Lashes, here is the link to the website. You can save money by using my code "pittpantherelle". This is an affiliate code and I do get a portion of the sale from it so use it if you wish.

Until next time,
Have a beautiful day!


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