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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Swatch and Haul: Shiro Cosmetics Anniversary Sale with bonus FOTD

Hello Loves <3

It has been way too long since I last posted some goodies for you guys! Today, I finally got my Shiro anniversary sale purchase. It has been a long time coming (took about a month to ship out). Not only did I get the sale order but I got my false lash order from Lady Moss in at the same time! I came back from work and arrived to two packages. I was too excited for the packages that I forgot about the food I brought home, and I was pretty hungry. Makeup is pretty important y'all. Anyways...


So a bit of a forewarning, this stuff may be from Shiro but they are now stocking Detrivore Cosmetics. I instinctively was like "uh, don't have that. Need." so my haul is mainly Detrivore. I really wanted to try them out because they have some amazing mattes from what I have heard/read. So I did get a lot of mattes because matte textures are my favorite finish in an eyeshadow.

Dah Goodies. Names of them all.

4 full sized, 6 samples, 2 free samples. I shall go into the specifics soon.

Such color.

The swatches, a bonus FOTD, and first impressions after the jump!

Left to Right: Courtier, Gizmo, Exhumation, Kraken, Mourning, Tomb, Fortress, Alkahestry, May the Fourth Be With You, Benthos, Asylum, Bog Body

Left to Right: Tomb, Fortress, Alkahestry, May the Fourth Be With You, Benthos, Asylum, Bog Body

Left to Right: Courtier, Gizmo, Exhumation, Kraken, Mourning, Tomb, Fortress

Bog Body
Site Description:
Matte pastel mint
My Take:
Blue leaning mint.

Site Description:
Rich blue-green with a matte finish
My Take:
Blue leaning medium teal.

Site Description:
Deep matte navy
My Take:
Yep, a matte navy is pretty accurate.

May The Fourth Be With You
Site Description:
Vivid, strangely metallic limey lightsaber green
My Take:
Medium chartreuse with green shimmer

Site Description:
Sheer-ish pale violet with a brilliant blue-sparkle base
My Take:
Shimmery lilac base with blue sparkle shimmer. This color makes me go "Zoh-mergerd!"

Site Description:
Medium matte gray
My Take:
Pretty accurate site description.

Site Description:
Soft matte brown
My Take:
Medium neutral brown

Site Description:
Matte orange-toned beige
My Take:
Warm light-medium brown

Site Description:
Deep matte teal
My Take:
This is definitely not matte but it is a satin finish. It is a medium teal color (a good mix of green and blue) with a slight shimmer.

Site Description:
Medium matte brown
My Take:
Medium dark cool brown. 

Gizmo (free sample)
Site Description:
Shimmery orange-copper
My Take:
Pretty accurate site description

Courtier (free sample)
Site Description:
Light matte tan base with subtle silvery flecks
My Take:
Pretty accurate site description

FIRST IMPRESSIONS (and random thoughts):
Now to my knowledge, Caitlin (owner of Shiro Cosmetics) puts together samples based on other things in your purchase. Basically, she tries to read your mind to see if they are colors you were thinking about buying. Now... time for me to read your mind.

Would I have bought those colors on my own?
The tan maybe. The copper, no no no. Copper makes my eyes do weird things (take a look at a close up from my metal deity look)

Am I glad to get those colors she chose?
Yes of course! I like trying out new colors. Free samples are pretty awesome but it also gives you an opportunity to try out a color you may not have thought of getting. I already tried the neutral one and I am not a huge fan. The copper one may take a while to try out.

I got a lot of Detrivore because of the mattes...

So, how do you like those Detrivore mattes?
Guys. You guys. You need to at least get samples of matte colors that interest you. Holy shit, the best mattes from all the indie companies that I have tried and probably one of my favorite matte formulas of all time. I know it is so soon but I did a look with the blue mattes I got and omg, I kind of fell in love at first application.

Would you buy more Detrivore?
Short answer: Yes
I think I may have been slightly obvious about this in the previous question.

Ok, naturally, I need to show you the look I did.

(just saying, this may be the best close up I have ever taken.)

Product List (eyes only):
Benefit Cosmetics Stay Don't Stray
Maybelline Color Tattoo Tenacious Teal
Detrivore Benthos, Asylum, and Bog Body
Shiro Cosmetics Farore's Wind
Inglot 353 and 351
MAC Feline
Makeup Geek Corrupt
Maybelline the Falsies Black Drama
Koko Lashes in Foxy
Anastasia Dipbrow in Dark Brown

If you are interested in anything, hop on over to Shiro's spiffy, shiny website. The website is more attractive since I last ordered from them. I have had no problems with the company; they always ship within or before TAT and Caitlin responds promptly to emails. This is my third order with them, need I say more?

Just a warning, May The Fourth Be With You and Asylum are limited edition so you should get them while Shiro still carries the color.

Also, I ordered all these goodies with my own, hard-earned money.

I hope that this swatch and haul brings you some valuable information that will lead you to informed decisions. 

Until next time,
Have a beautiful day!


  1. The eye makeup is wonderful! I may have to try out that combination it looks stunning on you. Gutted Asylum is limited edition now I'll have to get on it.

    1. there are around 20 left from when I last checked the website!