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Friday, June 13, 2014

Review: KoKo Lashes in Ariel

Hello Loves!

More lashes! I have been growing to love false lashes lately. I am not genetically gifted in the lash department so sometimes some enhancement is appreciated. But I digress...
In my last post, I mentioned how I purchased 5 different styles of Koko lashes from Lady Moss during their Memorial Day sale and will be testing out style as I wore them. Well, today, I wore the style in "Ariel" and will be reviewing those for you today!


Same as the Foxy style. Simple and beautiful packaging. The thing that bothers me, which also occured with the previous pair I reviewed, is that the name of the lashes are on the plastic insert and not on the outside of the box. I am assuming this will be the case with all the lashes.


Post-trim. I trimmed off about a 1/3 cm.

These lashes were easy to apply. These lashes do have a thicker band so it is essential to wiggle/manipulate the band to make it more flexible. I waited a full minute before I applied the lashes (this is essential to do for thicker bands) and were easy to move around before I was satisfied with the placement.


If the left eye false lash looks weird, I seriously do manhandle my lashes. I will show the right eye for comparison and a proper before and after.



But, the real test is...
These lashes were comfortable during wear time and I wore them for about 8 hours. None of the sides lifted during wear and the lashes came off easily with oil-free makeup remover. The lashes did get altered by my manhandling, as you can see on my left eye and in the horizontal wear photo. After my first use, the end of the lashes were very slightly bent, which means, after more uses, this will affect the look of the lash. This style of lash is not as resistant to abuse probably due to the quality of the hairs (mentioned later).  Here is how they looked after I removed the glue and put them back into their container the next day:

For some reason, the hairs weren't as high quality as "Foxy"; The hairs weren't as soft and the cut to them was more blunt. The hairs are of similar quality to Ardell lash hairs, and I think for the price, these lashes are good quality, but not great. I got these for $4.79 on sale but they are $6.99 retail price.

These lashes get a...

Wear very well
Nice price
Sleek, non-bulky packaging

Thicker band so they can be harder to apply for novice false lash wearers
Name of the lash is on the plastic insert and not the box
Not as good quality lash hairs as I expected
Must take better care and be more gentle to maintain the quality of the lashes after each wear

Maybe, but it wouldn't be the first lash I would restock.

For those wondering, these lashes are similar to House of Lashes Noir Fairy but are slightly spikier and not as full. Another cheaper and similar alternative is Miss Adoro #423 but this style is not as widely available (often sold out).

Other KoKo lash styles reviewed on my blog:

Until next time,
Have a beautiful day!

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