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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Review: Koko Lashes in Foxy

Hello Loves!

Today, I have a review of a pair of false lashes that I purchased off of Lady Moss during their Memorial Day sale. Why did I purchase these lashes? Well, I have been wanting to try House of Lashes but didn't want to pay their prices. So, I stumbled upon these lashes just casually browsing the website and I really wanted to instabuy the lashes. I had enough willpower to wait until they had a sale, which thankfully wasn't too long. I purchased 5 styles of lashes in Foxy, Ariel, Iris, Risque, and Koko. I will be reviewing Foxy today.


Simple and beautiful packaging. I love how girly it looks! Some of my boxes look kind of messed up near the openings but that's not a big deal since I bought the lashes online. The thing that bothers me is that the name of the lashes are on the plastic insert and not on the outside of the box.


Post-sizing and cutting. Half a centimeter (about 1/6 an inch) was cut off.
These lashes were fairly easy to apply. Since the lashes are fuller, they do have a thicker band so it is essential to wiggle/manipulate the band to make it more flexible. I waited a full minute before I applied the lashes (this is essential to do for thicker bands) and were easy to move around before I was satisfied with the placement.


But, the real test is...
These lashes were comfortable for wear time and I wore them for about 8-9 hours. None of the sides lifted during wear and the lashes came off easy with makeup remover. I am usually really tough to my lashes so the real test of good lashes is how they wear after one or two uses. Here is how they looked after I removed the glue and put them back into their container the next day:

This is the extent of the wear on the outside, a stray hair.

I also wore them a second time after taking these photos. They stayed in the same condition after wearing them a second time. I am pretty impressed.

The quality of the hairs is on par with those of Eylure lashes. The hairs are light and feathery but not as soft as mink. I think for the price, they are great quality. I got these for $4.79 on sale but they are $6.99 retail price.

These lashes get a...

Wear very well
Can be used many times and still look good
Nice price
Sleek, non-bulky packaging

Thicker band so they can be harder to apply for novice false lash wearers
Name of the lash is on the plastic insert and not the box

For those wondering, these lashes are similar to House of Lashes Iconic but are slightly thicker and not as flared but are very, very similar (if not a dead on dupe) to the new House of Lashes Starlet. For the price difference, I think these lashes are a great, cheaper alternative for both styles!

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Until next time,
Have a beautiful day!

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