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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Review: Koko Lashes in Bella

Hello Loves!

More Koko Lashes! I placed an order on Black Friday and have been very slowly trying on the lashes I purchased. They came out with 3 new styles a couple of months ago, which are Bella, Misha, and Goddess. I have already worn Goddess (House of Lashes Iconic dupe) twice and LOVE them. That review will be up eventually. Today, I will be reviewing Bella or as I like to call it, Foxy's little sister.

Ok, onto the review!

Same as the Foxy, Ariel, Risque, Koko, and Iris style. The packaging is thin, non-bulky, and quite cute. Now, they have the name of the lash on the back of the box! (I want to secretly believe the company has read my reviews and listened to me)

The name is on the back now. YAS.

These lashes were easy to apply. These lashes have a medium thickness band and were lightweight. I waited around 20 seconds before I applied the lashes and they were easy to move around before I was satisfied with the placement. I did not have to cut them as they were the perfect size for my eye shape, but whether you have to cut them or not depends on your eye size and shape.

Below is a before and after pictures to show the effect of the lashes:

But, the real test is...
These lashes were comfortable during wear time and I wore them for about 8 hours. They didn't feel like they were there and felt like they were part of my lashes. None of the sides lifted during wear and the lashes came off easily with oil-free makeup remover. None of the hairs were bent or altered in any way after my first use, and they withstood my abuse.

How the lashes look after one use:

Left lash

Left lash

Right lash

Right lash

The quality of the lash fibers were great and were better than the quality of the Foxy style. They were almost as close to quality of hairs as mink lashes, and I think for the price, these lashes are amazing quality. I got these for $4.89 on sale but they are $6.99 retail price. This style of lashes are perfect if you want lots of volume and slightly more volume on the outer corners.

These lashes get a...


Wear well
Nice price
Sleek, non-bulky packaging
Soft lash fibers

None that I could think of

Most definitely. 

I know of no dupes to this lash but if you find Foxy too thick for you, you will like this style a lot more.

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Until next time,
Have a beautiful day!


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