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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Review: KoKo Lashes in Iris

Hello Loves!

I know... it has been 2 months since I have done a post of any kind on my blog. I have been extremely busy from the combination of work, school, and maintaining a LDR (aka long distance relationship) that I have not had much time to do much makeup related. I still keep most active on my Instagram (which you should most definitely check out, click the stuff on the side) if you want to follow my makeup journey of mine. My Youtube channel is a different story; I basically post a video once a month there. There is a recent haul there if you are interested in watching :)

ANYWAYS, stop babbling Elle.

So this style, Iris, is the last pair of Koko lashes that I will be reviewing from the set of lashes I got ages ago from Lady Moss Beauty. I want to try more of the newer styles whenever the lashes go on sale and am really eyeing Misha, Bella, and Goddess. 

Ok, onto the review!

Same as the Foxy, Ariel, Risque, and Koko style. If you want to see how the lashes look pre-application, in the box, or whatever, go on and click that link above or the other styles I have previously reviewed (links will be at the end).

These lashes were very easy to apply. These lashes have a thin band and were extremely lightweight. I waited around 30 seconds before I applied the lashes and they were easy to move around before I was satisfied with the placement. I did not have to cut as they were the perfect size for my eye shape, but whether you have to cut them or not depends on your eye size and shape.

Below is a before and after pictures to show the effect of the lashes:



But, the real test is...
These lashes were extremely comfortable during wear time and I wore them for about 8 hours. They didn't feel like they were there and felt like they were part of my lashes. None of the sides lifted during wear and the lashes came off easily without oil-free makeup remover and by just pulling them off. None of the hairs were bent or altered in any way after my first use, and they withstood my abuse.

The quality of the lash fibers were good and had a similar quality to the Risque style. They were not as soft as mink lashes but were great quality human hair lashes. The hairs are of slightly better quality to Ardell lash hairs, and I think for the price, these lashes are great quality. I got these for $4.79 on sale but they are $6.99 retail price. A concern that I have with this style is the inconsistency to the thickness of the lash as this occurred with the Risque style. Be warned if you get more than one pair and they are a little different.


These lashes get a...


Wear very well
Nice price
Sleek, non-bulky packaging
Thin lash band
Feels lightweight

Name of the lash is on the plastic insert and not the box
Some possible variation between different pairs

Probably but it wouldn't be my first choice of lashes to restock. Lashes like these aren't really my cup of tea.

These lashes are similar to House of Lahses Bambie and are a great, cheaper alternative for that style. If you find Risque too thick for you, you will like this style a lot more.

Other KoKo lash styles reviewed on my blog:

Until next time,
Have a beautiful day!


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