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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tutorial: Colorful Cut-Crease and Double Wing Look

Hello Loves,
I am gonna start posting some tutorials that I previously posted on my old reddit account. I want to share you guys some of the previous work I did. Also, I like teaching you guys new techniques and looks. In this look, I wanted to use new products I got at this time. This was also when I got my first indie makeup order. I was so excited to use the unique shades I got.

Here is the final look!

Read on for the tutorial!

Before starting, apply an eye primer.

Apply a purple pencil with an angled liner brush to map out your cut crease.
Having tape will give us a crisp line and makes it easier to apply the makeup.

Use a pencil brush to apply a dark purple along the line.

Use a crease brush to blend out that line. Add purple until you get the intensity you want

Add a white base to the space we left untouched

Apply a lilac purple on top of our white.

Add gel liner. Remove the tape before moving onto the lower lash line

Map out the lower wing with a teal kohl pencil.
I used a kohl pencil because it is easier to apply and manipulate the shape
Use a grass green on a pencil brush to start smudging out your desired shape. The green will also make out teal lean more green.

Add a teal with a pencil brush to make it more teal and to smudge out the shape even more
Use a angled liner brush to put a white base in between the wings. Set this base with a white shadow

Add mascara and false lashes! Both mascara (top) and false lash (bottom) looks are pictured

An as usual, until next time, have a beautiful day!

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