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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Welcome to the blog celebrating my obsessions.

Hello everyone!
Welcome to my blog! I created this blog to share all of my obsessions with you. I guess I will share what the obsessions you will be looking forward to:
Makeup. It is something I really got into freshmen year of college. I love how the way you do your makeup can completely change how you look, and it instantly gives you a huge confidence boost. Absolutely amazing. It is also really relaxing to slowly apply makeup and watch YouTube videos, which is something I do too often. Makeup also has another special part in my heart that I will not disclose at this moment...
Food. Once I didn't live in college dorms, the world was my pickle with my food choices. I stepped out of my comfort zone because honestly, I was a really picky eater. I made different foods I would have never ate before and was surprised to love what I made. It also one of the most gratifying things to eat something absolutely delicious and think "I MADE THIS DELICIOUSNESS."
Look forward to all the amazingness to come. I want to share my loves and make my loves your loves as well.
Love to all those that are reading, and until next time, have a beautiful day :)

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